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Employee Experience

As our successes are determined by skills, dedication and involvement of all our people, DYXnet takes pride in building lasting relationship with them by giving them a journey of self-discovery and growth. We believe, their unique, individual stories provide you the insights of our culture.


Jeremy Cheng
Sales Director, Strategic Market 
Sales Department (Hong Kong)

“The major reason that attracts me to work in DYXnet for the last decade is challenges. Working for different teams, from direct sales, channel sales to retention and wholesales, makes me realize challenges come from both internal and external. For sure, meeting targets with my team is one thing, achieving goals I set for myself is as important to make me further consolidate my experience gained in here. ‘Never give up’ is the spirit of my team – making impossible into possible. Like last year, my team was named the ‘Top Sales Team’, which shows the recognition of our efforts. I’m proud of all my team members who are committed to going after our dreams together.”


Jacky Wan
Head of International Business 
International Business Department (Hong Kong)

“I like the fact that DYXnet is full of people who are energetic and with team spirit. For example, during economic downtimes, such as ‘ Bubbles’ and ‘Financial Tsunami’, our sales team of all levels was helpful and efficient to overcome those challenges. Besides, you will never get bored in this industry since technology is ever-changing. Like myself, I just started working as Head of International Business, aiming to expand the Company’s business with overseas partners. This is quite a challenge to me to start a new business segment. Hence, thanks to my team members, who are willing to explore the new market and achieve targets with me.”


Jeff Lai
Associate Director
International Business Department (Hong Kong)

“The booming IT market in late 1990s, especially in the Greater China region, attracted me to join DYXnet. After 12 years working in the sales team, I was introduced to a newly set up, revenue-driven department, International Business. With a new environment and direction, I travel around to deal with partners from all over the world. At first, I found big challenges with carriers from different cultures, then I realized more communications with them not only can build up trust, but also help tailor solutions based on their needs, creating a win-win situation. Now, I am still confident that IT industry is full of opportunities for every participant.”


Jeff Wong
PRC IT Director
Call Centre

“After years working in the Company, I’m deeply impressed by the flexibility it provides, not only enabling the Company to tailor solutions for clients but also giving plenty of opportunities for us to grow. During these years, I have witnessed colleagues changed between departments due to their own interests, growing from a basic staff to management level. I appreciate the flexibility the Company provides, allowing us to move rapidly in response to the market needs. Thus, I believe, the Company can reach its new high and have a brilliant future.”


Rainy Ding
Manager, East China
HR & Admin Department (China)

“Entering the Company as my first job after graduation, I have experienced the startup, development to success together with it in the past decade. Communications and cooperation are the reasons for me to stay. I still remember the days I was working in the customer services department – a simple phone call and a brief video conference brought us together, regardless of where we located, making communications smooth and enjoyable. During this period, I realized the importance of communication network, not only enhancing our working quality, but also feeling the team spirit between colleagues. In the meantime, I wish the Company with successful years to come.”


Marth Cao
Assistant General Manager, East China (China)

“I should be one of the pioneers in the Shanghai office. Starting as an on-site engineer, I am now the telecommunications manager of Shanghai office as well as deputy vice present of Nanjing branch. Along the way, I appreciate the most the career path and promotion opportunities that DYXnet offers, making our performance recognizable. In addition, the Company provides quality training and comprehensive benefits, as well as various events, to help staff grow from inside and out, putting more energy onto works. For sure, sometimes our workloads are heavy but I am happy with where I am now.”


Sunny Liu
Finance Manager
Finance Department (China)

“Over the past years working for DYXnet, I always think it is dynamic and energetic, strengthening the team spirit even for new comers. Working as a team is rather important here because of our jobs required communications, as well as cooperation, between colleagues, enhancing the efficiency to complete various tasks. Besides, the management is friendly and has good interaction with us to bring the best out of the Company together.”


Roger Hsu
Senior Sales Manager
Business Development Department (Taiwan)

Since 12 years ago, the Company had its first cable installation, linking up its businesses with customers. The Company and I grow up together along the way. From a young adult to entering the prime of my life and from single to being a father of a school kid, the Company continues to give me strength and stability. Today, I still love my job and hold my belief firmly in delivering quality services to my customers for every contract. What are the reasons and motivations that attract me to stay in the Company for all these years? Perhaps, it is the opportunity that you can face all kinds of challenges in DYXnet everyday, arming yourself with valuable Internet experience.


Ether Wu
Regional Sales Manager
Business Development Department (Taiwan)

DYXnet is my first job ever since 16 years ago I settled down in Taiwan after studying abroad. Experiencing growth and changes with the Company, I learn how to overcome difficulties and be innovative, establishing the foundation for my growth. Looking back to the past decade working in DYXnet, we have undergone fierce competition in which some of the competitors are now in history. This makes me understand that only dynamic companies can survive through the ever-changing market, giving employees peace of mind. At DYXnet, as long as you put effort in every task, you can always get something in return.


Cindy Lee
Project Management Department (Taiwan)

Working in the ISP industry for over a decade, I have joined DYXnet since 5 years ago. I found that, though the Company is relatively small, its system and structure meet the standards of large enterprises. The meticulous division and interconnection of departments within the Company is the way to sustain in such competitive ISP market. At here, I am encouraged to explore and grow with my potentials. The appreciation and praise I receive from customers inspire me to see this industry as my medium and long term career.


Jason Ho
Assistant Customer Support Manager
Technical Support Department (Taiwan)

Joining the Company for almost 12 years, we came together to overcome the difficult time of startup, entering the period of growth. In an environment to launch new products and few resources, I learnt to explore ways to deploy large projects under such conditions, leading both the Company and I to overwhelming successes. The smooth relationship within the Company provides you opportunities to try and change. DYXnet is another family to me. I value the most the revolutionary spirit within our team and all staff members.


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