Cyber Security Management

Enjoy reliable and all-round information security with Cyber Security Management

Intelligent and all round detection with protection from cyberthreats

COVID-19 has ramped up remote workforces and making inroads for cyber attacks, Theft, malicious malware like Ransomware are the increasing threat of cybercrime which may lead to an access to all our confidential data, financial information, personal information and more. Traditional internet security solutions are becoming obsolete in the face of rapidly evolving malicious software and strong demand for network security. A global cyber intelligence network is therefore necessary as the threat landscape keep changing and expanding.

Operation Challenges on IT Security

Lack of Cybersecurity expertise

Too Many Alerts

Operational Overhead

Poor Threat Detection & Identification

Diversified cyber attacks from ransomware, DDoS, phishing

Next Generation Firewall Solution to protect users from internal, external, existing and future threats

DYXnet offers an end-to-end comprehensive Enterprise Firewall Protection solution, an easy-to-use converged security solution and proactively update to keep your network safe from those with malicious intent. The solution is capable of detecting threats in real-time at every attack stage, enabling a rapid response and mitigation of future risk from a similar source.

Cyber Security Platform enhances visibility with global threat intelligence

The platform correlates existing security events, applying AI and behavior analysis aided by global threat intelligence. This enables sophisticated detection, efficient response and simplified threat hunting. Our Platform helps customers to improve their IT security and risk posture.

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