DYXnet Customer Self-Service Platform

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DYXnet Customer Self-Service Platform delivering a high-quality user experience

We strive to deliver exceptional customer services and it is always our core value to support our customers by all means. A new customer support platform is now provided to our customers on WeChat, offering an instant fault reporting and support platform through mobile apps.

DYXnet WeChat Customer Self-Service Platform is a user-friendly, efficient, and smart customer support service on WeChat, providing live chat, smart alert, service monitoring as well as personalized notification. Our customers can now stay updated with the latest service status and seek for assistance promptly when encountering any service issues.


Service Monitoring

【MPLS customer applicable】

Once you have accessed your company account with customer ID, you have the visibility of your account info and can monitor your bandwidth utilization on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basics in a self-service manner.

Smart Alert

【MPLS customer applicable】

Allow you to receive various service alerts including network outage and network outage recovery.

Personalized Notification

【MPLS customer applicable】

You can set up custom service notifications and push notification message to specific individual or group. Your team can then focus the resources on the incident that needs attention and take immediate action.

24 x 7 Live Chat

【All Applicable】

You can now access DYXnet 24x7 support team via WeChat. It offers live chat customer support and ensures your service issue is being handled immediately.

Business Value

Viewing your services status and performance from your mobile device anytime anywhere. It  allows you to act quickly without spending time to request such information from your IT team.

Offering your team an efficient way to stay informed with service status and seek assistance from DYXnet customer support team for any service issues via mobile apps.

You are fully aware of the services status and can provide immediate action to your end customers as needed.

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Scan the QR code and follow "DYXnet Customer Service" WeChat account

What’s more?

We will continue to release new features on top of this platform and will extend this service to other Instant Messaging tools, stay tuned!