Overseas Data Center

Enabling you to manage huge data volume for analysis, relocation and backup.

Ensure data security and flexible management through DYXnet data center

DYXnet strives to deliver superior services to our customers. To be a trusted partner in customers' digital transformation journey, we provide a secure, high quality and efficient data center facility for enterprises to achieve business growth.

Advantages of DYXnet data center

High data volume, safe, stable and efficient

Infrastructure sharing to optimize resource utilization

Green energy equipment room with energy-saving equipment, low-carbon and sustainable maintenance and operation

Support enterprises in Southeast Asia and East Asia to develop new business models

Main feature

Efficient way for business expansion
Powerful infrastructure and global network exchange services, efficient and rapid expansion of cross-border network resources, without geographical restrictions, one-stop access to local and remote server architecture, storage, protection and maintenance through a single connection point.

Embrace sharing economy
Providing superior quality, repaid adoption, shared infrastructure, cost reduction, and comprehensive equipment support. On top of that, through DYXnet backbone network, the network connection cost between customers and operators will be greatly reduced.

Gain competitive advantage
Data has been growing exponentially. With the robust infrastructure support and enhanced server security management, business can leverage point-to-point or multi-point-to-multi-point connections using the WAN to make it easier and more efficient to adopt disaster recovery and data synchronization services.

Stable and efficient network connection
Easy to enjoy high-standard operator-level network connection through EVPL, VPLS or MPLS Network services, as well as the establishment of local data centers to support high-speed data processing.

Service quality assurance
7×24 multilingual customer service and monitoring services, and 5×8 manpower outsourcing can be provided.

DYXnet Overseas Data Center (Asia Pacific Region)

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