The speed which the network and cloud technology are multiplying strongly forms the digital platform for a better customer experience including applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centers. These technology and solution have brought and made drastic change and impact on ICT Industry.
Ensure smoother customer experience for ICT industry with DYXnet’s network and cloud solutions.

Industry Issues

Intense competition with downward pricing pressures

Strong adoption of digital technologies

Needs for certain network speed and stability for better UX/UI

Dynamic workforce and products and solutions

Heavy multimedia content from internal and customers

How DYXnet can Help?

Improve your site speed, credibility and accessibility to optimize user experience

DYXnet’s MPLS backbone sends essential company data through a secure private network so that no external sources will be able to extract and steal that data.

Simplify deployment with Cloud

To be able to use IT resources more effectively, DYXnet can support your company through its Cloud Connect service. Cloud Connect will be connected to multiple third-party cloud computing platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) so that your company can access the best parts of each cloud platform while avoiding the riskier parts of the particular platforms as well. Having the ability to access all different types of cloud networks will allow your company's IT staff to focus on more essential business tasks.

Cost-effective solutions for remote sites and branch offices

Our SD-WAN solutions aggregate multiple inexpensive broadband links and leased lines into a virtual, high bandwidth WAN to support critical applications, design and media data files access and collaboration like voice/video and virtual desktops.

Professional Consultancy

We help our clients solve complex network and IT issues in respect of design, delivery and support including but not limited to:
- IT systems upgrade
- Cloud service integration
- Data centre management

Why DYXnet?

  • High level of secure connectivity options available
  • Full range of back up & recovery solutions, either in Cloud or Disaster Recovery as a service
  • Guaranteed SLA to ensure quality, availability and responsibilities, etc.
  • Holder of ISO certificate for Information Security Standard and Policy
  • 7 x 24 customer services support
  • Strong customer base and case references

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