Retail & Manufacturing

With the rise of the internet, retail and manufacturing have the primary needs for business transformation to cater for the disrupting business models as well as the customer behavior changes.
Embrace Industry 4.0 – Bringing in Smart Retail or Smart Manufacturing with DYXnet’s quality network services.

Industry Issues

Omni channel management for order & stock, etc.

Effective customer journey expected

Implementation of technology for Smart Retail or Manufacturing

Security challenges in the Era of Industry 4.0

How DYXnet can Help?

Embrace Industry 4.0 with our smart, secure and stable network solutions

Automation, data exchange and IoT are all essential elements under Industry 4.0, while a stable and secure network is the foundation to support all these. Our MPLS service ensures that schematics and information is sent securely through the tunnel that the MPLS network provides. The secure MPLS data channel uses a private network so that the information sent through cannot be accessed by any external users. MPLS also provides a very stable network link between two areas.

Simple network management for complex global manufacturing and supply chain

SD-WAN, built upon DYXnet’s existing MPLS backbone and ability to centralise data operations to one location, is a highly recommended network solution for manufacturing companies that have multiple factories, or that are planning on expansion due to the fact that application updates can be managed from one centralised location. New locations can also be integrated into the companies existing SD-WAN with ease, allowing effortless expansion to new areas.

Maximize your IT resources and enable modern business operation with cloud applications

To be able to use IT resources more effectively, DYXnet can support your company through its Cloud Connect service. Cloud Connect will be connected to multiple third-party cloud computing platforms (AWS, Alibaba Cloud, etc.) so that your company can access the best parts of each cloud platform while avoiding the riskier parts of the particular platforms as well. Having the ability to access all different types of cloud networks will allow your company’s IT staff to focus on more essential business tasks.

Gain visibility to real time data and customer demand from multiple locations with a stable shared network

You can take advantage of DYXnet’s MPLS backbone to send essential company data such as shop revenue, production blueprints through a secure private network. This means no external sources will be able to extract and steal such data.

Professional Consultancy

We help our clients solve complex network and IT issues in respect of design, delivery and support including but not limited to:
- IT systems upgrade
- Cloud service integration
- Data centre management

Why DYXnet?

  • Strong network capabilities and resources in major manufacturing hubs including China, Taiwan, South East Asia etc. 
  • Customized solutions for the industry with the best ROI 
  • Centralized network management for different branches and office locations 
  • Customizable & Scalable Services
  • 7 x 24 Customer Services Support
  • Strong Customers and Case reference


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