Generative AI Tool - DYXnet ChatV

A powerful AI tool that generates human-like responses

Combined with ChatGPT providing personalised experiences just like humans do

Powered by OpenAI, DYXnet ChatV consists of a tremendous database that can facilitate sophisticated dialogues with users according to natural language inputs in various scenarios and generate content in text, images, program code, PDF and other formats in a wink. DYXnet ChatV unleashes the potential for businesses with its AI capabilities, which can be widely adopted in customer service, content creation, business proposal formulation, code writing, and others, making it an ideal tool to assist enterprises in handling daily operations and improving business efficiency and service quality.

Why DYXnet ChatV?

Powered by OpenAI (ChatGPT-3.5/ 4)

Customised Solutions to Suit Diverse Needs

Generate Content with Internal Data Sets

Multiple Sub-Accounts Under a Single Enterprise Account

Key Features

One-stop account registration

Our one-stop services help customers open enterprise accounts, including authentication, authorisation, and user management. Furthermore, DYXnet ChatV’s user interface provides visibility for administrators to monitor users' data usage and bills.

Support customised access to
ChatGPT-3.5/ 4

Our DYXnet ChatV solutions can be customised according to customers' needs, supporting multiple languages and models, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. The GPT-3.5 solution supports text, image and program code generation, while the GPT-4.0 solution provides additional support on PDF, EXCEL, OCR, and speech recognition based on GPT-3.5 performance.

AI consulting services, solution design & model training

We meet the needs of different industry applications by providing ChatGPT AI consulting services, such as technical solution design, implementation, and custom model training with businesses' own data.

Provide multiple service functions

DYXnet ChatV provides various service functions, including multi-language support, pre-trained model API, language modelling API, computer vision API, customised model configuration, application integrations, and support and maintenance.

Industry Use Cases


Leverage DYXnet ChatV's language learning models to enhance UX by providing a highly anthropomorphic dialogue experience for students to practice speaking and writing and obtain real-time feedback from the "AI teacher". DYXnet ChatV can even turn exercises into gamified tasks to improve self-learning motivation.

Sales and Marketing

DYXnet ChatV contains a vast amount of data, which offers an inexhaustible resource for marketers to create compelling messages, coupled with the accurate and personalised translation capability, speeding up the content creation process. In addition, its powerful image and video generation functions can generate brand mascots, cartoon characters and virtual avatars.

Customer Service

DYXnet ChatV can be widely used to handle customer service enquiries. By fine-tuning the model with custom datasets such as internal company information, enterprises can build a custom AI chatbot for their business and deal with customers' queries via text, audio or video at each terminal, automating and optimising the customer service process.

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